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World Health Organization Jobs in Nigeria 2020 – This is a career guide for a job placement at WHO and how to apply.

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world health organization jobs

About World Health Organisation (WHO)

The World Health Organisation is an agency of the United Nations that specialises on international health and vitality.

World Health Organisation (WHO) was founded with the main purpose of tackling health related issues and finding solutions to prevailing health concerns.

Advocating for universal health care is one of the many vision of the world Health organization.

World Health Organisation Core Values – “Integrity, service-orientation, being equitable, collaboration, respect transparency, efficiency, inclusiveness, accountability, and continuous improvement”

World Health, WHO Jobs in Nigeria

The World Health Organisation will continually seek and source for intelligent hands to employ and recruit.

Medical Practitioners who are seasoned in their field of specialisation and other medical personnel will definitely add to the portfolios of the World Health Organisation.

Below are vacancies and recruitment categories from the World Health Organisation, WHO.

  • Professional staff
  • Directors
  • General Service staff
  • National Professional Officers
  • Junior Professional Officer

WHO Career Requirements

For clarity and proper documentation, we have highlighted the major requirements associated with the above-listed jobs from the World Health Organization.

These requirements is applicable to all departments, sectors and should not be confused with the individual requirements for each position.

  • Age – Only candidate in the age bracket of 20 and 62 can apply for any of WHO jobs in Nigeria.
  • Relationship – WHO staffs relatives and relations like father, mother, son, daughter, brother will not be eligible to apply.
  • Non Smoker – You must not be a smoker to have your application accepted. All smokers must be willing to quit smoking before they can be considered for a job placement at the World Health Organisation.
  • Health Advocate – You mission must overlap with the core values of the World Health Organisation and you must be an advocate of what the organisation stands for.

How to apply for World Health Jobs?

You are to Channel all your World Health organization job application to the official career portal.

Below we have outlined a guide guide on how to apply for WHO jobs.

  • Visit the official World Health Career portal on https://www.who.int/careers/en/
  • Go through the application process and available vacancies to select the position that suits you.
  • Submit your CV and documentation as applicable and wait for a response, only from the World Health Organisation.

What is World Health Organisation Jobs Salary Scale 2020?

World Health Organisation (WHO) Salary structure for November 2020 is in the range of N350,000 monthly.

For Professional and higher categories, the scale could be higher depending on qualification and area of deployment.

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