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Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria

Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria 2020 – Disclosed here is a guide to the petroleum industry and recruitment for the month of November 2020 and how to apply

Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria 2020

oil and gas jobs in nigeria

The oil and gas sector comprises of three major sections. These include the upstream, mainstream, and the downstream oil sector.

Nigeria as one of the producers of oil and gas despite the fact that we don’t currently refine in commercial quantities most of these sectors which has in its own way enable Development one way or the other.

The Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria recruits capable hands four different types of onshore and offshore jobs including marketing works.

This is the ultimate guide to Oil and Gas jobs in Nigeria 2020 and the different available jobs/ careers.

The below list is not in any preference but random order as deemed by the writer and can be interchanged at any time as deemed fit.

Shell Jobs in Nigeria 2020

When you talk about the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, until you mention Shell, the discussion is not completed.

Shell plays a huge role as relates to the petroleum industry in Nigeria and as a multi national corporation, a dream for all those who crave for a career here.

Official Website: www.shell.com.ng

Established: 1937

Click Here to Apply for Shell Jobs (November 2020)

ExxonMobil Jobs in Nigeria 2020

ExxonMobil is a merger between two oil firms ‘Exxon and Mobil’ which has seen the advancement of this establishment.

With over 71,000 workforce, they have seen diverse increase and growth since the merger and have also channeled their authority into growing one of the largest Oil & Gas corporations in Nigeria.

Official Website: corporate.exxonmobil.com

Established: 1999

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Conoil Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Conoil is an indigenous oil and gas company owned by Mike Adenuga and has seen positive growth and advancement over the years as a major player in the industry.

Conoil is headquartered in Lagos Nigeria and boosts of fueling station outlets across the Nation.

Official Website: www.conoilproducing.com

Established: 1927

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Chevron Jobs in Nigeria 2020

The name Chevron cannot be pulled aside when it comes to the oil & gas niche in Nigeria.

As an American company, Chevron has established its tentacles in Nigeria making it a really large establishment when placed side by side with the top players in Nigeria.

Chevron over the years in Nigeria has turned to a household name and a dream career for all jobs seekers in this field.

Official Website: www.chevron.com

Established: 1879

Click Here to Apply for Chevron Jobs (November 2020)

Total Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Except you were born yesterday will you not know about Total Nigeria. Total Nigeria is a marketing firm from its parent Total South Africa which is widely known across the federation.

Total is a big name and a top player as they have different arrays of products and services in the petroleum industry, not just in Nigeria but across Africa and beyond.

Official Website: www.total.com.ng

Established: 1956

Click Here to Apply for Total Jobs (November 2020)

Oando Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Oando is a major player in the oil and gas sphere in Nigeria serving majorly the western region of Africa (West Africa).

Oando does not just service Nigeria and South Africa as assumed by many but have been a leading firm in West Africa as a whole.

It has its Headquarters in Victoria Island in Lagos and boost of a huge array of products and services.

Official Website: www.oandoplc.com

Established: 1956

Ardova Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Ardova was formerly called Forte Oil Plc and recently has engaged in other business chains like the Energy niche where they plan to dominate.

Ardova is a Nigerian based Oil & Gas firm with some tentacles in Ghana. Ardova happens to be one of the leading indigenous oil & gas firm.

Working for Ardova is thus a lucrative yet career steady path for anyone who is interested in this niche.

Official Website: www.ardovaplc.com

Established: 1964

Aiteo Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Many might not be familiar with the name Aiteo but they are one of the major petroleum movers in the Nigerian oil & Gas sphere.

Innovation happens to be at the appex of what Aiteo is doing and any individual who wishes to work here must have the zeal and understanding of what the firm stands for.

Founded in 2008 but has become one of the fastest oil and gas firms in Nigeria.

Official Website: www.aiteogroup.com

Established: 2008

Lado Oil Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Lado Oil & Chemicals Nigeria Limited is a major player in the downstream oil sector and one of the leading Petroleum Marketers in Nigeria.

The firm uses innovation and technology to manage a steady network of trucks, marketers, and supply chains.

Official Website: www.ladooil.com

Other Oil & Gas Jobs in Nigeria

Some other Petroleum companies that were not highlighted in detail above have been listed as follows.

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How to Apply for Oil & Gas Jobs in Nigeria November 2020

Below are mediums in applying for petroleum companies jobs in Nigeria.

  • Select any of the above petroleum company
  • View their available vacancies and select
  • Read through the requirements and fill in the application form
  • Submit your application and await a response.