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NPower Tech Hardware Registration


NPower Tech Hardware Registration 2020 – N-Tech Hardware recruitment guide for August 2020 guide. Here is how to apply for N-Hardware.

NPower Tech Hardware Registration 2020 Guide

npower tech hardware registration

The NPower Tech Hardware registration is a Federal Government concept to create and empower over 10,000 youths for this particular scheme.

This initiative tends to build capacity of the Nigerian youth to enter and evolve in the tech sector which is an aspect of the Nigerian economy that is under utilized.

Within three months you will be taken through a series of intensive one-on-one tutor.

Some N-Power Jobs for August 2020

Npower Tech Hardware scheme will launch thousands of youth until manufacturing and services of tools like mobile phones.

The N-Power Tech Hardware scheme duration is 3 months.

Who Qualifies for NPower  Tech Hardware 2020?

Npower Hardware is available to every Nigeria irrespective of your employment status.

Functions: When successfully trained and shortlisted; knowledge gained will include technical skills, mobile phone productions, tablets and other gadgets to serve the local community.

NPower Tech Hardware Requirements

The requirements to qualify for npower Tech Hardware have been outlined below and simplified as well.

All interested individuals can go through the Npower tech hardware recruitment 2020 requirements and see your qualification stance.

The requirements are quite simple and basically takes a chip off block of the main NPower scheme.

We will try and distinguish these below.

  • Employment Status: there is no preferences to these according to npower. The Npower hardware scheme is applicable to all graduates and non-graduates alike.
  • Age Brackets: You must be between the ages of 18 years and 35 years as at the time of application for it to be successful.
  • Personality: You must be a problem solver and an innovator. These and other personal traits will distinguish you amongst others when it comes to Npower.

Benefits of N-Tech Hardware

What are the benefits that candidates stand to gain with the N-Power Tech Hardware knowledge that you will be gaining within these 3months of one-on-one training?

We have taken out time to itemize some of the benefits that you stand to gain if you successfully apply and get shortlisted.

The knowledge gain will be there because this is a field that is not yet saturated in Nigeria; thus, the benefits are unimaginable.

  • Technical Supervisor
  • Mobile Phone Production
  • Generator/Plant Specialist
  • Data analysis
  • Security Expert
  • Production Manager
  • Consultant
  • Engineer (Very board as far as hardware’s are concerned)
  • Administrator

NPower Tech Hardware Stipend for August 2020

The salary structure for Npower Tech Hardware that accrues to all beneficiaries of this scheme is pegged between N30,000 – N40,000 monthly and will presumably get paid between 29th of August 2020 and 30th.

Therefore, all you need to do is to wait as the said amount gets paid by the Federal Government through the appropriate ministries.

How to Apply for NPower Tech Hardware in August 2020

You are to channel all your Npower Tech Hardware registration and recruitment exercise to the official portal as disclosed in the under-listed guidelines.

How to register for Npower Hardware and shortlisting details are highlighted below.

  • Visit the official NPower Tech Hardware portal http://npower.gov.ng/n-tect-hardware.html
  • Go through the listed requirements and see if you meet up with the listed qualifications.
  • Click on the application bar to start your Npower Tech registration 2020

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