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NGO Jobs in Nigeria

NGO Jobs in Nigeria 2020 – Here is a guide to Non Governmental Organisation recruitment for August 2020 and how to apply.

ngo jobs in nigeria

NGO Jobs in Nigeria 2020

This NGO Jobs in Nigeria category comprises of Non- Governmental Organisations, Non Profit Companies and International Agencies.

Over the years, we have seen the emergence of various not-for-profit organisations in Nigeria and across and the world at large.

NGOs are top player across international borders that has been well received due to the different job placements and infrastructural development they provide.

This is an ultimate guide to NGO jobs in Nigeria 2020 and the different available vacancies and careers.

United Nations Jobs in Nigeria 2020

The United Nations is a major player in International Relations.

As an Intergovernmental Organisations, UN aims at maintaining world peace and bilateral relations.

UN jobs are for individuals with knowledge and academic qualification to backup their desires to work with the United Nations.

Official Website: www.un.org

Established: 1945

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UNDP Jobs in Nigeria 2020

The United Nation Development Program (UNDP) propel’s the sustainability agenda of nations for self-reliance and development.

UNDP has a route in over 170 countries and territories all across the world.

UNDP jobs and careers are for individuals who share the same vision and will love to work towards the same mission as the United Nation Development Program.

Official Website: www.undp.org

Established: 1965

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ECOWAS Jobs in Nigeria 2020

The Economic Community of West African States is original player in international relations.

ECOWAS is made up of 15 countries in Africa who work towards a common goal.

ECOWAS recruitment and career placement will definitely be for individuals with the seasoned academic knowledge to work with ECOWAS.

Official Website: www.ecowas.int

Established: 1975

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World Health Organization Jobs in Nigeria 2020

The World Health Organisation as an organ of the United nation was formed to foster health amongst member Nations.

The jobs at the World Health Organisation are quite defined and a great place for medical practitioners and other academic personnel.

Therefore, a career placement at the World Health Organisation is for individuals who will love to assign themselves to the service of humanity through the WHO.

Official Website: www.who.int

Established: 1948

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Mercy Corps Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Mercy Corps prides itself as a global entity offering humanitarian aids to Nations that needs them.

As a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO), mercy Corps have helped communities build a stable and reliable environment through their reforms.

Working with Mercy Corps is suitable for individuals interested in helping communities alleviate poverty and build a better society.

Official Website: www.mercycorps.org

Established: 1979

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UNICEF Jobs in Nigeria 2020

The United Nations Children’s Fund which was changed from United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund has been at the forefront of child care since its establishment.

UNICEF as an organ of the United Nations has bean able to assist Nations to nurture, educate and cater for children’s health worldwide.

Careers and vacancies at UNICEF are for individuals who have a passion to work with children and assist where necessary.

Official Website: www.unicef.org

Established: 1946

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Action AID NGO Jobs in Nigeria 2020

The mission and vision of Action AID is quite straight forward.

Action AID have been at the forefront of fighting for women right, justice and equality.

As such, individuals looking for a job placement with Action AID Nigeria must be knowledgeable about women needs and rights.

Official Website: www.actionaid.org

Established: 1972

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Save the Children NGO Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Save the Children is much more interested in the protection of children worldwide.

Save the Children International does not just focus on the academic aspect of children but, their physical well-being alongside their mental wellness.

Official Website: www.savethechildren.net

Established: 1919

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Action Against Hunger Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Action Against Hunger is a humanitarian organisation that is serving over 50 countries worldwide with the mission of tackling the causes of Hunger.

Aside their mission, they also aid malnourished children, see to communities access to clean water and good food.

Application to work here is suitable for individuals who share the same vision.

Official Website: www.actionagainsthunger.org

Established: 1979

Pro-Health International Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Pro-Health International is a faith-based health care movement by individuals who share a common vision.

It is a voluntary skill-sharing movement that is non-profit.

PHI undertakes different projects like free healthcare and HIV Care.

Official Website: www.prohealthint.org

Established: 1991

International Rescue Committee Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Just as the name implies, international rescue committee caters for humanitarian crisis plagued regions and help in the survival and rebuilding of such region.

As an NGO saddled with this great responsibility, IRC has been able to fulfill its vision to capable recruitment.

Official Website: www.rescue.org

Established: 1933

Medecins Sans Frontieres Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Medecins Sans Frontieres, MSF is an NGO that is saddled with helping individuals and areas facing crisis, diseases and epidemic.

MSF or Doctors Without Borders are a group of personnel working towards the control and eradication of plagues and epidemic.

This type of jobs are best suited for individuals in the medical field except otherwise stated or advertised.

Official Website: www.msf.org

Established: 1971

Norwegian Church Aid Jobs in Nigeria 2020

The Norwegian Church Aid is an NGO that has been at the forefront in the fight to eradicate poverty and empower lives.

NCA has been a major player when it comes to poverty alleviation and eradication.

Official Website: www.kirkensnodhjelp.no

Established: 1947

Catholic Relief Services Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Catholic Relief Services serves as both a community-based and faith-based NGO.

CRF with its affiliation with the Catholic church have been able to act as a bridge in mending and repairing communities.

Official Website: www.crs.org

Established: 1943

Norweigan Refugee Council Jobs in Nigeria 2020

The visions and missions of the Norwegian Refugee Council are quite specific – help refugees and individuals who are forced to leave their homes.

NRC has been a force of hope for refugees and internally displaced persons.

Working with NRC will also see you as a front liner in providing refuge for displaced persons.

Official Website: www.nrc.no

Established: 1946

FHI 360 NGO Jobs in Nigeria 2020

FHI 360 things to tackle the early stage of the child, mental development and growth.

These are achieved via empowering and reorienting teachers, supports economic development and growth.

Official Website: www.fhi360.org

Established: 1971

Society for Family Health Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Society for Family Health is an NGO that is more health bound and focuses on general health issues.

SFH has expanded its tentacles to accommodate malaria prevention, safe water system, HIV prevention and family planning.

Official Website: www.sfhnigeria.org

Established: 1983

Amnesty International Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Amnesty International is one of the leading human right NGOs with heavy presence in major territories.

Amnesty International has been at the forefront in eradicating injustice and fighting for people who are not privileged enough to stand for themselves.

Official Website: www.amnesty.org

Established: 1961

Commonwealth Jobs in Nigeria 2020

The commonwealth of Nations is abode to 54 territories associated with Britain to share a common interest and goal.

As a political association, the functions of members State alongside their benefits varies.

Official Website: www.thecommonwealth.org

Established: 1931