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Federal Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Federal Jobs in Nigeria 2020 – Here is a job guide to all Federal Government Recruitment for the month of November 2020 for all candidates and how to apply.

Federal Jobs In Nigeria 2020

federal jobs in nigeria

There are over a hundred Federal jobs in Nigeria ranging from different departments and different works of life.

Federal Jobs in this nation happens to be the height of gainful employment to all Nigerians seeking Jobs.

This has necessitated the need for us to collate the list of all Federal Jobs in all the states across Nigeria and have them itemized according to their respective categories.

Most times many look for federal jobs in Nigeria not because of the pay but because of job security, different ladder of employment and stages that they’ve got to climb.

The benefit of a federal job in Nigeria is that you get to know the salary scale, retirement packages and yes, the pay is always good.

Promotion is also another reason many Nigerians hunt for federal jobs.

Imagine working at a private firm for a very long. It’s the same job you do for 15 years, no increment in salary, no promotion and no change in levels.

Yes, we know all federal jobs in Nigeria might not have the full structure but you are sure of your benefit when due and you have authorities to report to when you are denied those benefits.

Now here is all you need to know about federal jobs in Nigeria for this year.

We have also gone a step further by providing you the necessary information to applying for these positions as they unveil.

Abuja Chamber Of Commerce Recruitment 2020

Abuja Chamber Of Commerce and Industry or Trade is a non-discrimination our organization that embraces every form of commerce in Nigeria.

It is a body that sees the inculcation of diverse businesses foundations and corporations for development and business growth.

Getting a job here it’s for individuals that are not just resourceful but can have a positive impact on the commission.

Abuja Council for Arts and Culture Recruitment 2020

The Abuja council for arts and culture is an organization that says to the preservation of the diverse culture in Nigeria.

before you walk here you must definitely be interested in the culture and the diversity of people in Nigeria, how they live and what exactly makes Nigeria unique.

Culture, as we all know, dates back to the earliest form of civilization known to man.

Therefore you must be knowledgeable to a great deal of extent about the culture of Nigeria and the diverse ethnicity that it contains to apply for this job.

Abuja Environmental Protection Board Recruitment 2020

This body is saddled with the responsibility to protect the Nigerian environment.

It is not just a body but also an enforcement agency that enforces the Federal Government will to make sure that Nigeria is kept clean.

A knowledge of the environment and sanitation will definitely be an added advantage to get a job here.

Abuja Municipal Area Council Recruitment 2020

Municipal simply means a town – Therefore, this Federal jobs in Nigeria will enable you to join the federal authority in properly managing Abuja.

It is an administrative council that says to the day-to-day running of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company Recruitment 2020

The Abuja urban mass transport company cease to the day-to-day urban transport needs of the federal Capital Territory.

Yes, it is a Federal job in Nigeria channelled towards the transportation needs of the urban populace in Abuja.

Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) Recruitment 2020

ASCON is an academic college that sees to the training of staffs in administrative and management training.

you might think this is a teaching job however what you should know is that every Federal job or parastatal has an administrative section.

Aluminium Smelting Co. Of Nigeria Ltd. (ALSCON) Recruitment 2020

If you’re interested in an aluminum Federal Jobs in Nigeria, ALSCON should be your choice.

ALSCON has the biggest smelting plant in West Africa and Africa at large for aluminium.

If this is your field of study or you are qualified as a specialist then you can give this job a try.

Calabar Export Processing Zones Authority (CEPZ) Recruitment 2020

CEPZ looks like a state job but it’s actually a Federal Government job.

This is a zone that has different factories that aid the Nigerian export processing needs.

Mind you, this job might have to make you relocate to Calabar.

CBN Recruitment 2020

The Central Bank of Nigeria Jobs for all those that have accounting skills or studied financial management in school as a degree, this job is definitely the peak of any financial job in Nigeria.

Lots of bankers will grab any available opportunity to work at CBN.

Click Here For Trending CBN Jobs (November 2020)

NCPC Recruitment 2020

The Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission is much more like a selective kind of federal jobs in Nigeria than publicly announced recruitment kind of job.

The function of the NCPC is to ensure the safety, gathering an organization of pilgrimages to the holy land or any other location deemed visiting.

CCB Recruitment 2020

The code of conduct bureau performs similar functions like the EFCC but it was first in existence before the economic and financial crime commission.

Merits alone will not get you this job. An excellent spirit to overcome any financial temptation, bribery and partisan in Nigeria.

CAC Recruitment 2020

The Corporate Affairs Commission is saddled with the responsibility of structurally registering managing businesses and names in Nigeria.

They have different departments that you can apply for as a job seeker or candidate.

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Nigeria Immigration Recruitment 2020

The Nigerian Immigration Service regularly request the services of culpable hand to man different aspect of the agency.

This is a Federal job that has a touch of armed forces for all those that are interested in this line of recruitment.

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Nigerian Airforce Recruitment 2020

The Nigerian Airforce will always recruit capable men and women alike to handle and defend the nation.

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Directorate of Food, Roads & Rural Infrastructures (DFRI) Recruitment 2020

The DFRI handles all rural infrastructure remains food and road construction.

DFRI the outside looks like an NGO due to its structure but it is a federal job in Nigeria that pays the bill.

Interested candidates must be knowledgeable in any of the active aims and objectives of the agency.

ECN Recruitment 2020

Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) handles everything as pertains energy generation, utilization and policies to implement such in Nigeria.

Though we have different Power generating firms and organizations in Nigeria but this body act as the focal point that regulates the activities of the said energy firms or organizations.

FAAN Recruitment 2020

Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) Jobs – This is a service organisation that manages and organised all airport activities in Nigeria.

They ensure the smooth running of all airports, ensure the safety of passengers and cargo goods across the country and be on via the airport.

The salary is also ok for all those that are interested in working for FAAN.

Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) Recruitment 2020

FCDA sees to the development of different infrastructure in and around the Federal Capital Territory.

FCDA intends to make the Capital Territory not just a hall of amazement to visitors but also a conducive Capital Territory to those currently living there.

Innovation is the bedrock of building a Capital Territory that amazes does retain and attracts foreign visitors and investors.

FCSC Recruitment 2020

The Federal Civil Service Commission and does everything as it pertains to the civil Service. This includes appointment, transfers and other renumeration that accrues to a civil servant in Nigeria.

FFS Recruitment 2020

The Federal Fire Service (FFS) is a commission that handles all fire related containment in Nigeria.

The present of the fire service is necessary in every state beer for getting a job here it’s possible for you in your state.

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FIRS Recruitment 2020

Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) handles all inland revenue generation, taxation and every other related subjects.

A job at the Inland revenue service is a lucrative offer when available.

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FRSC Recruitment 2020

Federal Road Safety Commission handles all road safety needs in the nation.

They make sure that every car and vehicle on all federal rules comply to the rules and the dictates of the Federal Government which is safety first.

The federal road safety commission is not just a safety regulating body but also performs humanitarian needs to road users.

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NAFDAC Recruitment 2020

National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) as the name suggests handles all food and drug administration needs and control.

NAFDAC sets to control of hard substances, proper processing of edible foods and enabled all business owners to comply with safety rules first.

A knowledge of food science or medicine is an added advantage to apply for NAFDAC jobs in Nigeria.

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NDLEA Recruitment 2020

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) works hand in hand with other agencies to ensure the enforcement of drug law and substance abuse.

They are the enforcement arm of all drugs that comes in to Nigeria and is manufactured locally.

Click Here For Trending NDLEA Jobs (November 2020)

INEC Recruitment 2020

Independent National Electoral Commission of Nigeria (INEC) it’s an independent commission that handles all electoral needs of Nigeria.

INEC sleep study successful collection of all elections in Nigeria, announcing winners and all other logistics as relates to election.

This job is demanding in Nigeria especially during election proper.

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NCS Recruitment 2020

Nigeria Customs Service recruitment is for anybody that is interested in working with the customs service in Nigeria.

You must understand that this is a paramilitary job and as such you might be subjected to some special training depending on your mood of application.

Click Here For Trending Customs Jobs (November 2020)

NIA Recruitment 2020

Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment is for all those that are interested in working as an immigration officer in Nigeria.

There is always a massive recruitment every year for Nigeria immigration jobs.

Depending on your qualification this is a federal job that is widely sought after by many job seekers in Nigeria.

NPS Recruitment 2020

Nigerian Prison Services has been one of your long standing federal jobs across the federation.

You will be surprised at the influx of people that get recruited every year by the Nigerian prison service.

Click Here For Latest Nigeria Prison Jobs (November 2020)

NNPC Recruitment 2020

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) regulates and handle all petroleum duties and activities across the nation.

They enforce laws, regulate market prices on a daily basis and getting this job is a life changer for many.

Click Here For Trending NNPC Jobs (November 2020)

NPF Recruitment 2020

Nigerian Police Force recruitment exercise is always associated with crowd.

NPF jobs comes with rigorous training before final selection and screening.

The pay, might not really be upgrade compared to other federal jobs but they have different renumeration and after salary bonuses.

Click Here For Trending Police Jobs (November 2020)

NPA Recruitment 2020

Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) handles everything relating to the port authorities across Nigeria.

They also handle the day-to-day running of all the ports, safety and every other regulations.

NIPOST Recruitment 2020

Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) is one of the federal jobs in Nigeria that has a revamp their mode of operation.

NIPOST amazed a whole lot of Nigerians with their new development and embrace of technology to carry out the duties of the Postal Services.

NIPOST is a federal job you will enjoy.

Click Here For Trending NIPOST Jobs (November 2020)

WAEC Recruitment 2020

West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is a multi national council that comprises of Nigeria and other West African nation.

Your credentials and application portfolios should reflect academic footprints to meet the educational needs of WAEC jobs.

Click Here For Trending WAEC Jobs (November 2020)

VON Recruitment 2020

Voice of Nigeria you specifically for journalist and other news men who will love a shot at the federal radio station – yes this is a federal job.

Your qualification except otherwise stated should include broadcasting skills, mass communication and linguistic is an added advantage.

Other Popular Federal Jobs

Here are a list of other Federal Jobs in Nigeria that we decide to highlight and not write much about until we’ve gotten adequate knowledge on how they operate and their mode of application.

  • Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Co. Ltd Jobs
  • Nigeria Labour Congress Recruitment
  • Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) Jobs
  • Nigerian Communications Commission Recruitment
  • Federal Civil Service Commission Jobs
  • Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Recruitment
  • National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI)
  • National Risk Fund Plc Jobs
  • National Seed Service Jobs
  • Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Jobs
  • National Universities Commission Recruitment
  • Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC)
  • Nigerian Football Association (NFA) Jobs
  • National Judicial Institute Jobs in Nigeria
  • Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) Recruitment
  • Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) Jobs
  • National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Receuitment
  • National War College (NWC) Jobs
  • National Human Rights Commission Jobs
  • National Maritime Authority (NMA) Recruitment
  • National Population Commission Careers
  • National Sports Commission (NSC) Careers
  • Federal Capital Territory Commission for Women Careers
  • Federal Agricultural Coordinating Unit (FACU) Careers
  • National Civil Registration Careers
  • Department of Soil Erosion & Flood Control Jobs
  • Federal Capital Territory Sports Council Jobs
  • Federal Capital Territory Water Board Recruitment
  • Nigerian Agricultural and Cooperative Bank Limited Jobs
  • Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation Jobs
  • Nigerian Reinsurance Corp. Careers
  • Legal Aid Council (LAC) Jobs
  • National Fertilizer Company of Nigeria Ltd. (NAFCON)
  • Development Bank of Nigeria Plc.
  • Security and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • National Productivity Centre
  • National Museum
  • National Library of Nigeria
  • National Orientation Agency
  • Nigeria Institute of International Affairs (NIIA)
  • NICON Insurance Corporation
  • Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG)
  • National Revenue Mobilization Commission
  • National Information & Documentation Centre (NIDOC)
  • National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC)
  • National Economic Reconstruction Fund (NERFUND)
  • National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research & Development
  • Federal Staff Clinic
  • National Centre for Women Development
  • Federal Department of Agriculture
  • Federal Department of Fisheries
  • Federal Department of Forestry
  • Federal Department of Livestock
  • National Council for Arts & Culture (NCACI)
  • Federal Mortgage Bank
  • News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)
  • National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)
  • River Basin Authorities
  • Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON)
  • Federal Housing Authority (FHA)
  • Federal Office of Statistics (FOS)
  • National Commission for Women Affairs
  • National Boundary Commission
  • National Directorate of Employment (NDE)

How to Apply for Federal Jobs in Nigeria 2020

The Application process for every Federal Institution differs and as such we have come up with this guide.

  • Select your desired Federal Institution as displayed above
  • Review the academic qualifications and appraise yourself if you qualify
  • Read through the application guide and follow the provided link to the career page to complete your application.
  • Review your details, send an email, or as instructed on the portal.