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Banking Jobs in Nigeria

Banking Jobs in Nigeria 2020 – Here is a career guide to all Banking recruitment for the month of November 2020 and how to apply

Banking Jobs in Nigeria 2020

banking jobs in nigeria

The banking industry in Nigeria is a a dynamic one with huge contributions to national development and growth.

Over the years, the Central Bank of Nigeria has formulated diverse laws that have led to positive breeding grounds for commercial banks in Nigeria and Microfinance banks as well.

Our main focus for Banking Jobs in Nigeria will be the commercial banks as they recruit talented hands frequently.

This guide will give you an insight into how they operate and what to expect when you apply to work with any of these banks.

We will also be disclosing links to their respective trending jobs and how to apply for the same.

This is the ultimate guide to Bank jobs in Nigeria 2020 and their available careers.

The below arrangements are not in any preferences but as dictated by the author, in no prefincial order.

Access Bank Jobs 2020

Access Bank has been on the expansion end of the spectrum with recent acquisitions of other banks as they grow their Work-Force.

Access as shortly called has acquired Intercontinental Bank and are on the verge (if not already) fully taken over Union bank.

Access Bank jobs are suitable for individuals who would like to be a part of this massive financial institution in Nigeria.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Over 28,000

Established: 1989

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First Bank of Nigeria Jobs 2020

First Bank of Nigeria is a very large financial institution not just in Nigeria but in Africa at large.

FirstBank he said to be the biggest bank in Nigeria as per deposit and gross earnings.

First Bank jobs might not come easy but for the serious minded and those who wish to build a stable career in the banking sector can give this a shot.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Over 7,500

Established: 1894 (1979, renamed)

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GTB Jobs 2020

Guaranty Trust Bank or GTBank as it is formally called is one of the leading banks in Nigeria and Africa at large.

GTB is known for its online banking services which has excelled and a major advertising point of gtbank.

Interested in GTB Jobs, then you must be ready to move at the innovative pace on this financial institution.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Over 10,000

Established: 1990

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Stanbic IBTC Bank Jobs 2020

Stanbic IBTC bank came into existence due to the merger of Stanbic bank and IBTC Chartered Bank. Stanbic IBTC Bank after its merger has witnessed some positive growth in the right direction.

Stanbic IBTC Bank jobs is suitable for fresh graduate and people with experience in the banking sector.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Over 2,500

Established: 1989 (Merger 2007)

Click Here for Latest Stanbic IBTC Jobs (November 2020)

UBA Jobs 2020

United Bank for Africa or UBA as it is mostly called is a multinational financial institution headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

Known as a Pan African bank, serving not just the Nigerian banking sector but other major cities in Africa.

UBA Jobs is a thing to aspire as it will not just boost your career but exposure as well.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Unknown

Established: 1948

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Zenith Bank Jobs 2020

Zenith Bank is among the top banks in Nigeria and has established a dominance n most English speaking West African Nations.

Zenith Bank prides itself as an innovator in the mobile banking platform and amongst active bank users.

Zenith bank jobs is for seasoned and innovative minds who wants a career in banking.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Unknown

Established: 1990

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EcoBank Jobs 2020

EcoBank Transnational Inc. is one of the top Banks in Nigeria. EcoBank also boosts of high presence in Central Africa and major West African cities.

EcoBank also has one of the largest workforces in Nigeria with their constant crave for innovative minds.

EcoBank jobs should be an area of consideration if you want to have a sailing ride in the Nigeria Banking Sector.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Over 19,500

Established: 1985

Click Here for Latest EcoBank Jobs (November 2020)

Keystone Bank Jobs 2020

Keystone Bank witnessed a change of ideology after the acquisition in 2017 by AMCON.

Keystone acquired the assets and liabilities of the then licensed-revoked Bank PHB and has expanded in size as a result.

Seen as a young and vibrantly growing bank, Keystone Jobs will benefit new talented individuals who need a ground to blosoom.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Unknown

Established: 2011

WEMA Bank Jobs 2020

WEMA Bank is one of the oldest Banks in Nigeria. There is more to WEMA than meets the eye.

Has seen and embrased some technological revolution over the years to meet the demand of customers.

WEMA bank jobs is a sure banker for those who aspire to delve higher in this Industry.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Over 1,000

Established: 1945

Heritage Bank Jobs 2020

Heritage Bank Plc is a new player in the Nigerian Banking sector but have thrived and keeps growing.

Heritage bank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria when it comes to automated banking in major cities.

Heritage Bank jobs and careers will aid your development and mental growth.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Over 4,000

Established: 2012

Polaris Bank Jobs 2020

Polaris bank is one of the youngest banks in Nigeria but has witnessed spontaneous growth.

Polaris as it is popularly called is currently one of the fastest growing banks in Nigeria.

Getting a Polaris Bank jobs will also put you at the fore front of the rapid growth.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Unknown

Established: 2018

Sterling Bank Jobs 2020

Sterling bank he said to be the first merchants bank in Nigeria and has seen some positive upgrade since then.

Sterling bank is a bank that focuses on business development and individual banking which has also witnessed some growth.

Sterling Bank jobs will be a great place to commence your banking career.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Unknown

Established: 1960

Fidelity Bank Jobs 2020

Fidelity bank was founded in 1988 as Fidelity Union Merchant Bank and has grown to be one of the promising commercial banks in Nigeria.

Fidelity bank added to its portfolio when it acquired Manny Bank and FSB Int Bank.

The bank is available in all major cities across Nigeria. Fidelity Bank jobs is quite lucrative and promising for any one looking to build a career in the banking sector.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Unknown

Established: 1988

FCMB Jobs 2020

First City Monument Bank has come a long way when it relates to commercial banking in Nigeria.

FCMB is said to be the first bank to be established in Nigeria without the help or assistance of a foreign aid or support from the government.

FCMB jobs are for smart individuals who will like to advance in this financial sector.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Over 3,800

Established: 1982

Union Bank Jobs 2020

Union Bank is one of the oldest banks in Nigeria. with quite a sizable coverage in major cities.

Union Bank is quite versatile with Small and Medium enterprises and boosts of a great level of knowledge in the Nigerian banking sector.

Union Bank jobs is quite attainable for all individuals with the needed academic qualification.

Official Website:

Work-Force: Unknown

Established: 1917

Other Banking Jobs in Nigeria

Below are list of other Banks that have been highlighted and will be deliberated.

  • Standard Chartered Bank Jobs 2020
  • Titan Trust Bank Jobs 2020
  • Unity Bank Jobs 2020
  • Globus Bank Jobs 2020
  • Sun Trust Bank Jobs 2020
  • Providus Bank Jobs 2020
  • Taiz Bank Jobs 2020
  • CitiBank Jobs 2020

Application Requirements

Application for a bank job will require at least, any of the below listed discipline or any of its equivalent.

There is a high chance of landing a bank employment with any of the below highlighted fields of studies.

  • Banking & Finance
  • Business Management
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting
  • Mathematics
  • Further Maths
  • Numeracy & Statistics
  • Marketing

How to Apply for Bank Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Below are some simplified methods at which you can apply for any of the above-listed bank jobs.

  • Select any of the above listed Bank of your choice
  • Go through their individual requirements and qualifications
  • Visit the official page and create your profile or fill in the application forms as applicable.
  • Submit your application and wait a response via email.